SSAW/O – permanent collection – zero waste garments – black – unisex

The collection that has been named after changing seasons speaks for persistence and reasonableness in the world of constant flux. Number 0 tells about ”zero waste” principle, which has been reached as a result of long, steady and innovative designing and style of making clothes without textile waste.

The black and minimalistic clothes of the collection are made for You, who value the multipurpose and moderate use of resources. For You, who value authenticity and sustainability. For You, who want quality items in your cupboard. It is easy to identify the clothes of this collection because of the strong sense of material and carefully processed details. Diagonal clipping of texture give graphical visual appearance to the clothes that otherwise have minimalistic look. The architectonic design and making of the clothes go hand in hand. The clothes of the collection suit for all genders, ages and sizes. They are designed to fit for everyone and different people. The clothes are made from materials that have been carefully picked with the thought of having a long-lasting life. The articles are designed and hand made in Finland.